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What a Racket!


Koon's smile- "appropriated" from a corpse in the grips of rigour motifs. Hirst's refusal to admit the spot paintings' purpose- to murder his assistants by monotony. Now, a collection of my favourite barriers to entry in art- embodying art  wank and art wank's inaccessibility. Featuring computer screen glare, pop-up-ad fanfare, and "If I don't know the artist should I even care"; are these barrier at all? should artists just accept absurd, embrace contemporary self-consciousness, and say "Hey, I'm the artist. Don't worry about the art (I know it's tricky stuff, I am a genius after all). Just buy the tote bag with my name on it from the gift-shop; art therapy and retail therapy are best served together.

- on the consumption of art, past, present, and likely forever, 


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