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From left to right:


28.4 (jane and others)

Video, 1:39

28.4 (sketchbook with soundtrack)

Video, 1:39


Studying and interpreting the cultural legacy of a 19th century piece of music, particularly its multiple re-imaginings, 28.4 is a two-channel video diptych which takes its cue from a piano prelude. As a visual artistic response, it uses collage as the form through which to explore the fragmenting and re-contextualizing possibilities of this piece of music and the piece’s changing iterations through the 20th century. Collage as static photomontage is used alongside drawing in sketchbook with soundtrack, which is scored by a piece of music which samples and collages different versions of the source music. This score is also used in jane and others to accompany the moving image video, itself a collaging of various video sources relating to the music.  

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