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Dystopian Interiors

Hand cut and digital collage.

Throughout Hannah’s practice, she seeks to explore the interaction between our mental states and the spaces we occupy. She feels this relationship has really been tested during lockdown. A combination of hand-cut and digital collage, these dystopian interior landscapes explore the frustrations of spending so much time indoors during the pandemic. Our interiors have become our world and sometimes we may find our imaginations playing games on us. In lieu with such mentally challenging times, they become frustrating, limiting and may even morph into eclectic new spaces. Using found images from house magazines which seek to idealise our interiors, she aims to produce works which reflect the antithesis. Hannah’s interiors, although initially humorous, seek to represent a more realistic experience of lockdown life, become repetitious, analogous and suffocating.


Such a Lemon

Bit Fishy

Cold Feet

Space Odessey 



































Stacks in the Tropics

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